This is Women's Space Vancouver.

We're a group of Vancouver feminists who are making our voices are heard. 


We’re here to protect women’s sex-based rights in Metro Vancouver — including the right to retain spaces created specifically for us.

For all females who are curious about, or who have questions about why keeping women only spaces is still so important, we'll provide our research and learnings, support your concerns, and answer your questions. Because sadly, sex discrimination and violence against women still plays too big a role in ‘enlightened’ Canada.


Women make up over 50% of the our population, and the law must continue to work for women and girls. We appreciate all women and allies who stand with us and say: “Yes, our sex still matters.’

Women-only spaces must be protected.

Women-only spaces were created so we could gather to resist our sex-based oppression, create culture, organize politically, seek safety and privacy, and heal.

We reject gender identity ideology.

Gender identity ideology confirms rather than challenges, gender stereotypes to the detriment of women and the rights we have gained. It dismisses women’s concerns regarding male violence, the erasure of lesbians, and free speech. Sex is the primary determinant of our oppression. 

We embrace democracy.

Critical thinking is not disrespectful, hateful, or dangerous, and expressing a variety of viewpoints, opinions, and debate is essential to a healthy democracy. We won’t be intimidated or silenced.

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