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June 18, 2022

Ghislaine Gendron has been active in feminist organizations since 2014 and sat on the Board of Directors of ‘Pour le droits des femmes du Québec’ until 2021. While with that organization, she was involved with two strategic committees focusing on gender identity and surrogacy. She has written numerous articles published in Québec newspapers, she has contributed to submissions to the provincial and federal governments and she has done interviews with media. Ghislaine has presented on surrogacy in French and English.

Ghislaine recently co-wrote an article with Ghislaine Sirois that is being published in a book, “Ventres à louer” (Wombs For Rent), now available in France and in Canada; 26 authors from around the world contributed articles.

Ghislaine is currently national co-coordinator for Women’s Declaration International (WDI) Canada, responsible for Québec and francophonie. 

We offer this link to an article co-written by Ghislaine on surrogacy:


As well, you’ll find commentary from the Special Rapporteur on the Sale of Children here:

This recent article;, from the Globe and Mail examines how the Russian invasion of the Ukraine has exposed the reality of the Surrogacy business there. 

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