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Gender Nonconforming Children

Transgender Trend

Stephanie Davies-Arai's UK based organization Transgender Trend is an excellent source of information for families of gender nonconforming children. She has graciously allowed us to share her information here:

Detrans Canada


Another useful site for support and information is Detrans Canada:

"Detrans Canada is an independent and non-partisan advocacy organization that supports detransitioning, desisting, and re-identifying Canadians.


We seek to fill the gap in research, resources, and platforms available to those detransitioning, desisting, and re-identifying.


We believe those who are in the process of questioning, ending or reversing a gender identify or gender transition process should be offered support, access to high-quality research, access to informed medical professionals, and the ability to advocate for themselves."

You can also find them on  Twitter @DetransCanada and on Instagram at detranscanada.

Abagail Shrier and Parker Posie

There is  a very good interview between Posie Parker (Kellie-Jay Keen) founder of Standing for Women and Abigail Shrier author of Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing our Daughters wherein they have a deep conversation about the dangers girls are in from institutional trans ideology. It is available on YouTube.