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The Right to Freedom of Expression: Stop the Silencing of Gender Critical Women
October 9, 2021


Shahdin Farsai is a lawyer that practices in Kelowna, British Columbia. She originally immigrated from Iran to Canada at the age of 8. She obtained a law degree from the University of Ottawa.  She has recently come under fire by some members of her profession for speaking out about a court practice directive that strayed too close to compelled speech.  She was not successful in getting an article published expressing her concerns until it was eventually published in the C2C online journal magazine. She has put a resolution on this issue before the Law Society, the outcome of which will be known on October 5, 2021.


Lindsay Shepherd, is the author of "Diversity and Exclusion: Confronting the Campus Free Speech Crisis." She holds fellowships with True North ( and the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (  Lindsay has had personal experience being ‘cancelled’ in the academic environment.

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