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Bill C-36 The Protection of Communities & Exploited Persons Act PCEPA

Dear Ms. Kwan,

 There is a powerful lobby attacking Canada’s prostitution legislation, The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act.  This law recognizes the inherent risks of violence and exploitation to those who engage in prostitution.  The legislation seeks to end the demand for prostitution.  Countries who have enacted laws similar to Canada’s law on prostitution are often described as the Nordic Model or the Equality Model.   

These countries are Sweden, Norway, Iceland, N. Ireland, France, Ireland, Israel.  


Israel, in 2018, became the most recent country to adopt this Equality Model and has put in place an impressive action plan that includes funding and multiple resources to help women exit from prostitution, and stop human trafficking.  Canada would do well to emulate this country’s efforts.  Sadly, Canada has put in place no direct support to prostituted women to help them exit.  As a result, trafficking, both domestic and international abounds in Canada, with brothels in every neighbourhood.  Enforcement of our laws is negligible or none.  

This video following shows the hearing of evidence regarding Bill C36 and is a reminder of why this legislation passed into law in 2014.

I am asking you to continue to support Canada’s existing laws on prostitution and recommend real action to help women exit.  We know that it is poverty, abuse, racialization, addiction and mental illness that drives prostitution.  To legalize makes the State the pimp.  Trafficking of women into Canada will become legal as they will be required temporary foreign workers for a legalized sex trade.


A Women’s Space Vancouver member and a constituent 

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